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main Author : Steve Yang

The value of this list is NOT the list itself.

The value of this list is that "How do I NOT use these tools or use them LESS? Instead of to use more of them. "

The purpose is not select tool, the purpose is figure out what we don't need and what we need .

  1. Deciding what tools not to use is as important as deciding what tools to use.
  1. Deciding What Not To taking notes Is As Important As Deciding What To taking notes.
  2. Find the same point and find different point among all of tools.
  3. What tool can do / what tools can't do . what we need / what we don't need. for filter, select matrix.

The goal of knowledge managment tool is erasing disciplinary boundaries from multi- to cross- to inter- to trans-disciplinary

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2⃣️ Planned to support 【wikilink】or/and【Backlink】and/or【Graph view】

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